How To Make Apple Chips with the Sedona Combo Dehydrator

Step 1: Slice apples into thin pieces. I recommend using the Choison V-Slicer. It’s a little pricey, but it makes cutting produce a lot easier. 

Step 2: Load them up on the dehydrating trays. Make sure they are spaced evenly and that each slice don’t touch each other so that they won’t stick together while dehydrating.

Step 3: Set the Sedona Combo Dehydrator to Combo Mode. Set the FAST mode temperature to 155 degrees for 3 hours to jump start the dehydrating process. Then, set the RAW mode temperature to 118 degrees for 5-7 hours to keep the dehydrating process going while still maintaining the raw nature of the food (118 degrees is the temperature that raw food proponents believe that food should only be heat up to to maintain the natural enzymes that are beneficial to our health). 

Step 4: Take out the apple chips from the dehydrator and enjoy!

I had a lot of fun making this haha :)

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"That’s good!" 

This is a smoothie that I can drink with little to no guilt. I’m not big on sweets, but knowing that this was all natural with no added sugars allowed me to enjoy it. This was a great combination of fruits, but it was a little bit on the sour side. Does anyone know how I could combat that? Anyways, I would rate this a 3.9/5.


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Recipe submitted by Debbie E.

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I helped Jeff make a healthy snack smoothie recipe submitted to him! I filmed the process and made the images haha :) I also had a taste of the smoothie, and I would rate it an 8/10!

Let’s support Jeff! He’s halfway done with his 30-day challenge :)

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Vegetarian Diet Study Conducted at a Korean Buddhist Temple


I like this article a lot. The fact that the study was conducted in a Buddhist Temple and not some government-ran BS study. We all need to go through a detox by eating mainly vegetables and fruits. Trust me, the results are worth it!!! Not only does it clear up your body of toxins, it also clears up your mind! 

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Went to Central Park during the day on Monday for the first time. I saw this cute dog near the fountain area, so I decided to take a picture of her. Then, I sat down next to her to eat some food when she decides to sit on my lap! I thought it was really cute, so I decided to share it with you all :) Her name’s Shoobie, btw. Excuse my derpy face. it was hard trying to balance my camera haha. 

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Day 30 Smoothie of the Day: Avocado Gelato Smoothie

We used 1 avocado, 2 bananas, 2 servings of gelato, 2-3 cups of almond milk, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons of almond butter (we used a vanilla bean espresso flavored one). 

Taste: 9/10. It had a really thick, yogurt-like consistency, but I didn’t mind it because it was really good! 

Since the vegetarian/smoothie challenge was successful and well-received, I’m going to have another healthy food challenge! But this time, it’ll be to come up with 30 healthy snack recipes for 30 days. So:

The next challenge will be a 30 day healthy snack recipe challenge!

I’m going to be using raw living appliances while making the snacks, so be prepared to be blown away haha. 

To celebrate the end of my 30 day vegetarian/smoothie challenge, I’m going to be giving away a new Dynablend! Just reblog this post and follow my blog, and I’ll pick the winner in the first day of my new challenge, which is going to be on April 21st!

If you have any healthy snack recipes, please message me the recipe and I will feature it! 

This concludes my 30 day vegetarian/smoothie challenge. Thanks for all the support everyone <3

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